Best 9 websites, courses, and Youtube channels for a Back-end Engineer’s career

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Best 9 websites, courses, and Youtube channels for a Back-end Engineer’s career

Best 9 websites, courses, and Youtube channels for a Back-end Engineer’s career

Career 27 Mar 2023

Today, there are thousands of publications developers can use to upgrade their software knowledge and technical abilities. Although this volume significantly benefits the community, it could be difficult for developers to select the appropriate and high-quality resources that are right for them.

At Parcel Perform, our talented team members frequently share their favorite resources so we can all learn and grow together. For new developers looking to learn more, we’re delighted to share some fantastic websites, courses, and Youtube channels with you.

1. LeetCode

Leetcode is a website that lets you practice your coding skills. It offers a variety of challenges in different areas, for example, data structures, algorithms, and even top interview questions.

Minh Anh, Parcel Perform Back-end Engineer, often hits the "Problems" page, then clicks on “Pick one” to take on random challenges. What he enjoys most about this page is that after submitting his solutions, the website will benchmark his code’s performance against others. Some of the comparisons help him see if his code runs faster and consumes less memory than codes from others in the community. After the benchmark, he’ll know how many developers he defeated.

Fig 0

If you need more clarification, you can go to the “Discussion” page to talk with other software engineers. To learn from others, you can go to the “Solution” page to read about solutions from other developers, or even developers from LeetCode.

2. AWS Technical Essentials course

Fig 1

If you want to learn more about AWS, this is a wonderful place to start. You can learn more about the foundation of AWS services to make informed decisions regarding the IT solutions your company needs.

After completing the course, our Back-end Engineer Dinh Kieu complimented the clear visualization charts used. He also recommends that everyone visit the "Training" link to learn more about AWS.

3. Functional Programming in Scala Specialization courses

This specialization is appropriate for programmers who want to learn the Scala Programming language. It offers a hands-on introduction to functional programming using Scala, a popular programming language in big-data stream processing and data engineering. This language is often used because it has a strong type that highly supports functional programming.

Fig 2

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Write purely functional programs using recursion, pattern matching, and higher-order functions;
  • Design immutable data structures to leverage functional programming and build up an intensive data application;
  • Write programs that effectively use parallel collections to achieve performance;
  • Manipulate data with Spark and Scala to acquire strong data engineering skills.

To fully comprehend the theories included in this course, one key piece of advice is to complete the assignments. After all, you may have to use the Scala programming language, to begin your own projects further down the road. Through the assignments, you would gain a thorough understanding of how the business logic reflects on the source code.

Fig 3

4. Programming with Mosh

This channel’s content is more like a software engineer course. It is ideal for people looking to learn a new programming language or transition from one coding language to another.

Fig 4

Minh Anh, our Back-end Engineer, watched some videos about Java to learn more about the language. Here are some of the videos he watched:

“It clearly illustrates the fundamentals of certain technological knowledge. After watching them, I understand their syntax and how the codes run.” Minh Anh shares.

5. ByteByteGo

Videos here cover topics and trends in large-scale system design which has high throughput, low latency, and the ability to scale up and down in times of need. Some examples of companies using this would be logistics e-commerce technology businesses, social media platforms, or AI companies that require huge data pipelines for training their models.

Fig 5

They are made by the authors of the best-selling System Design Interview book series. With vivid visuals, topics are broken down into simple sections so they are easy to digest. “Since Parcel Perform uses K8s and Kafka, this Youtube channel is very useful for me”, Minh Anh says.

Fig 6

6. mayuko

Mayuko Inoue is a highly experienced Software Engineer. She worked for six years as a Senior iOS Software Engineer in Silicon Valley at companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix. She creates Youtube videos about Software Engineering, tech career advice, and lifestyle. With 6.38K subscribers on her Youtube channel, her passion is to help aspiring Developers find their way through the tech industry.

Fig 7

Subscribe to her channel to learn more about the world of technology or even get some career guidance.

7. GOTO Conferences

GOTO connects the greatest minds in the software community. Their goal is to help developers solve challenges today, prepare for tomorrow and create a better future.

Created in 2011, their channel now boasts 338K subscribers. Through their top-rated videos, you would learn from thought leaders, and innovators, who consistently share their thoughts during year-round conferences, masterclasses, and meetups.

Fig 8

8. Strange Loop Conference

Strange Loop is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers who are developing tomorrow’s technology. Some of the areas covered are emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.

Their guiding principles are also extremely interesting, and speak volumes about their no-nonsense approach: “No marketing”; “Tech, not process”; “Technology stew”; “Moderately priced”; “Talks are only part of the picture”; and “Reasonable length”. On their Youtube channel, you will watch various topics from Open Source talks, Space talks, Game dev talks, etc. And you can watch their conference year by year.

Fig 9

9. NDC Conferences

NDC, which began in Oslo in 2008, swiftly grew to become one of Europe’s largest conferences for .NET and Agile development.

The NDC conference has grown to include all technologies of interest to software developers. Its speakers come from worldwide and are well-known experts and thought leaders in their respective fields.

Fig 10


These are just a few of the resources we’ve discovered. You may explore, learn, and watch some of them that interest you. If you have any interesting knowledge, please share them with us. We’d be delighted to discuss them with you. Don’t forget to share any materials that you find useful!

Fig 11